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All my thanks to the fellow who once put quite a lot of data on the net concerning Hard/Heavy concerts in the eighties. Seems like a disappeared from the net, by joining our forces I can hardly imagine what kind of site we would have made...If you recognize yourself show me a sign. Quite a lot of the following data comes from his own site. Mes remerciements a celui qui m'a permis de m'inspirer de son site (disparu ?) sur le Hard à Lyon (m'écrire : bricefiquemo@voila.fr)

MSG/STARFIGHTERS : September or October 1981, Palais d'Hiver

My first ever gig. I can still remember a lot of it. It was the day I met "O" who is still, 19 years later, a friend of mine. While queueing, me and "J", we met a fellow that had been lucky enough to have some autograph by Michael Schenker and told us he was in a good shape and a cool person. A roadie also told us the Starfighters singer seemed to be quite a heavy drinker. Starfighters, the Australian band with a cousin of Angus Young on rhythm guitar, played a big part of their first album. I was particularly glad, while watching MSG, to see Gary Barden showing the audience the big MSG flag we had designed and given him. Mon tout premier concert donc inoubliable, si seulement quelqu'un avait la cassette audio du concert....ou avait assisté au concert....

If somebody still has the audio tape please e-mail me

GIRLSCHOOL : 1982 ? Palais d'Hiver

Can't remember the date, but can remember the energy of the show. Une pêche incroyable, quelqu'un aurait la cassette ?

ROCK GODDESS : 1982 ? Palais d'Hiver

Same as Girlschool, a lot of energy. Probably one of their very few French dates. La aussi quelle pêche...Grosse "taxe" des habituels avant le concert parait il....

IRON MAIDEN / BLACKFOOT, March 26th 1982

The sister of my friend "O" had already had an autograph session by all Maiden members. When I arrived in the late afternoon with "S", we were lucky enough, while walking around the "Palais d'Hiver", to see Steve Harris and Adrian Smith play football. So we got pictures and autographs. Une vraie tuerie, l'énergie de Blackfoot....Steve Harris et Adrian Smith jouaient au foot derrière notre cher Palais d'Hiver la fin d'après midi avant le concert....très cool les gars....autographes et bien sûr photos....


TICKET MAIDEN.jpg (31534 octets)


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THIN LIZZY/ THE LOOKALIKES, late 1982 ? Palais d'Hiver

The impression you had when you first saw Phil Lynott on stage is unforgetable. Played all the classics, a killer gig really .... Got the audio tape somewhere at home (not for sale though). Phil Lynott a véritablement bouffé la scène....inoubliable pour tous...une ambiance assez indecriptible...j'ai d'ailleurs la cassette audio quelque part à la maison....

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MOTORHEAD / YOUR VICE October 26th 1982

MOTORHEAD has been my favourite band since 1981 and still is. Before the show I saw Lemmy and quickly shook hand with him, Brian Robertson seemed to be too drunk to walk or talk, he needed to roadies to enter the concert place. "Your Vice", a local band from Lyon got a very very cold welcome as everybody was waiting for Motorhead and had no patience to pay attention to the guest star...Quite a violent atmosphere in the audience inside and outside the concert hall if I remember well...La première fois ou j'ai serré la paluche au père Lemmy....Your Vice s'est fait jeté de scène comme jamais vu en 20 ans...le public ne brillait pas particulièrement par la tolérance et l'ouverture d'esprit....

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AC/DC  30th November 1982 Palais des Sports

Good show for sure, Angus is impressive on stage. Can't remember well what was the guest star, Mama's Boys or Y and T....Son premier concert AC/DC à 14 ça marque....

ACDC82.jpg (28403 octets)

Def Leppard (2 shows in the same year !!) March 14th 1983 and November 1983

I've never been such a big Def Leppard fan as regards their vinyl material but I was quite astonished by their energy on stage. High and Dry then Pyromania tours if I remember well. Scanners, a band from the south of France, as a guest star in one of the two shows. A l'époque rien à voir la pêche sur scène....grosse énergie...pas retrouvé la même chose cinq ou six ans plus tard....

DEFLEP83.jpg (21331 octets)         DEFLEP832.jpg (45790 octets)


MSG / IRON MAIDEN November 20th 1983

One of my sadest memories in those years as regards Hard/Metal was that I couldn't attend the show as I was not in Lyon. If somebody got the audio tape and/or pictures....J'étais bloqué à Grenoble ce jour là, j'en suis encore vert....quelqu'un aurait la cassette et / ou des photos ?

MAIDEN83.jpg (54749 octets)



Had no much taste to see "Southern Rock" bands at that time but I've been definitely convinced by the show. Some people in the audience, in their 30's or 40's even wore Stetson hats...Ambiance sudiste je me rappelle look chapeau Stetson avec des gars de 30 ou 40 ans. Sacré pêche et dégoulinant de feeling blues des marais....Une excellente surprise....

MOLLY83.jpg (31457 octets)


MOTORHEAD / (Vulcain ?) Palais d'Hiver 18th October 1983

Couldn't attend the show, can't remember well, maybe because it had become quite dangerous to go to a Hard Rock / Heavy Metal show on your own at the Palais d'Hiver at that time, it was recommended to have a sort of "bodyguard" if you didn't want to have your ticket and your money stolen....Some people may remember "gangs" like the "Prophètes de Satan" or "Les Barons"..By the way would love to have pics or the tapes. Raté, ça devait pas être mou...faut dire qu'à l'époque sévissaient des bandes comme les "Prophètes de Satan" ou "Les Barons (ça vous rappelle quelque chose ?) je devait avoir personne pour m'accompagner...à 15 ans et ne pratiquant pas les arts martiaux + sans arme à feu.....Pareil celui qui a cassette et/ou photos : e-mail : bricefiquemo@voila.fr.

MOTOH83.jpg (32466 octets)


UFO : Palais d'Hiver , Making Contact tour 1983

I remember it was very loud. The concert had been postponed (one day) as Phil MOGG was voiceless...Paul CHAPMAN kindly answered me with a few lines on his site as I asked him if he could remember something about it...Still got a scarf and a poster from the show, Phil MOGG seemed to be quite surprised to see the poster when I saw him at the "Guitar shop" autograph session when UFO played on the Walk on Water tour in November 1997. Had my double live album autographed by all including Billy Sheehan and Paul Chapman. Le concert avait été remis au lendemain : Phil Mogg aphone...le son ? trop fort !!! J'ai encore en souvenir une écharpe et un poster que P. MOGG m'a signé en 1997...Paul CHAPMAN se souvient du concert...il a répondu à un mail que je lui ai envoyé. Un pote a fait passer mon vinyl du double live, revenu dédicacé par tout le monde y compris Andy Parker, Paul Chapman et Billy Sheehan qui n'ont pas du revenir jouer à Lyon depuis....


A very "Metal" concert. I had been quite scared, the atmosphere was quite violent outside before the show, I had to run to escape at several occasions not to have my money and ticket stolen...Got the audio tape of the priest show at home (not for sale). Ou comment pour voir des concerts au Palais d'Hiver à 16 ans il était recommandé de savoir courir...on a failli me taxer au moins 2 fois dans la même heure...j'ai su courir vite...heureusement l'aventure se finit bien avec la bande audio (pêche exceptionnelle) à la maison écoutée le soir même chez le pote qui m'hébergeait...

JUDAS84.jpg (40180 octets)



Yes, pictures from a French Twisted Sister show exist in the world. It was one or two days before the so called "Sunrise Festival" was supposed to take place in Mulhouse in the North East of France. If somebody can help me to remember the Lyon and Mulhouse dates...I think it was in 1984. Have also seen 3 or 4 pics of the T.S show on the net but the site vanished...Tout le monde était venu pour B.O.C m'ai T.S a fait une forte impression à tout le monde. C'était un ou deux jours avant le "Sunrise Festival" à Mulhouse (annulé pour cause de tempête)...Peut être le seul concert français de T.S ou presque....Photos, autographes....

TW1.tif (1367276 octets)         SISTER3.tif (110985 octets)        SISTER.tif (106294 octets)


METALLICA / TANK November 20th 1984 Palais d'Hiver

Real great show, full energy, loud, one of my best ever "real metal" gigs. Can remember among others the impressive Cliff Burton solo, TANK playing "Crazy Horses"....I've seen the TANK audio tape somewhere on somebody's list....will have to take a closer look. Grosse méchante pêche pour METALLICA avec Cliff Burton....TANK n'a pas du jouer souvent en France...sacré souvenir, ambiance métal à souhait

METALLICA84.jpg (31301 octets)

SAXON : Palais d'Hiver 1985

Didn't attend the show.  Anybody remembers ?. Pas là, quelqu'un se souvient ?


SAXON85.jpg (45644 octets)



A lot of energy, had my "Spellbound" album autographed (I offered it to a friend of mine) . John SYKES on guitars wasn't it ? The guest star was called POLTERGEIST if I remember well but I'm not sure it dates back to about 16 years ago...Ca aussi c'était pêchu, rapide, un groupe beaucoup trop négligé et qui a fait du trop sirupeux par la suite.....l'album Spellboud dédicacé (refilé depuis à un pote...)

Tygers1.tif (144414 octets)         Tygers2.tif (167230 octets)

UFO November (21st?) 1997

It started in the early afternoon with a great autograph session at the "Guitar Shop", had dozens of vinyls autographed by Paul RAYMON, Pete WAY, Phil MOGG and last but not least the great Michael Schenker himself. Unforgetable...and a great show...and the audio tape as a souvenir.... Quand on a vu pour la première fois Schenker en 81 et UFO en 1983 ça se passe de commentaires niveau émotion....j'ai fait signer une quantité incroyable de vinyls par tout le monde y compris Schenker...



UFO2.tif (298046 octets)         UFO97.tif (284406 octets)

Ronnie James DIO

In 1999 if I remember well....played a ton of DIO, Black Sabbath and Rainbow unforgetable classics. Tout ce que DIO a fait de mieux ou presque il l'a joué.....

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